Certificates and PKI – Expert Services

Public key infrastructure (PKI) describes the set of components needed to create, distribute, manage, store and revoke digital certificates. Certificates are used to secure Web sessions (SSL/TLS), virtual private network (VPN), Internet Protocol security (IPsec), Encrypting File System (EFS), smart cards, secure email Secure Socket Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS), and digital signatures.

On private (intranet) networks, PKI is built using Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS).

SUREFRONT offers a comprehensive PKI Assessment. We examine the infrastructure and CA configuration to determine the health of your PKI, ensuring it meets industry best practice

SUREFRONT has a wealth of experience with Microsoft Certificate services (ADCS). We can deliver a secure, scalable and manageable PKI based on industry best-practice.  

Our PKI and certificate services

  • Assessment / audit of existing PKI
  • Best practice Certification Authority (CA) design
  • CA, CDP, OCSP and Web enrollment configuration
  • Painless migration from a legacy or tactical CA
  • Private key protection scheme
  • Certificate templates and automatic enrollment
  • High availability options
  • Hardware Security Module (HSM) option
  • Extending PKI services to the Cloud
  • Certificate renewal strategy
  • CRL publication schedules
  • Backup and disaster recovery plan
  • Commercial certificate management
  • Training / skills transfer
  • Maintenance (fully-managed or co-managed services)

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