Seamless and Secure Remote Access with Celestix Always On VPN appliance

Microsoft Always On VPN (AOVPN) enables organisations to transparently connect to their managed devices to the corporate network, regardless of location, without the need for user interaction, resulting in greater productivity, efficiency, and security.

Celestix SecureAccess appliances enable simplified deployment of AOVPN in any organisation, eliminating the need for hardware and software provisioning.  They are designed to scale to meet even the most stringent requirements.

The Celestix SecureAccess appliance is a purpose built, reliable and scalable platform that comes preconfigured with Celestix’ Award Winning Comet Management interface for a simplified and rapid deployment of Microsoft Always On VPN.

Celestix SecureAccess Appliance is a hardened and secure appliance optimised to ensure a simplified deployment experience out of the box, delivering increased performance in a production ready device, that greatly reduces time to market while allocating increased resources and providing improved administration functionality.

The combination of Microsoft’s Windows Server 2019 and the Celestix SecureAccess appliance provides the fastest, most reliable, and most secure way to deploy AOVPN across your organisation.

Celestix Always On VPN appliance

  • Choice of PHYSICAL or VIRTUAL appliance
  • Simple setup
  • Web-based interface
  • Support for Professional versions of Windows and MAC OSX
  • Device management
  • Hardened OS
  • Enhanced reporting and monitoring tools
  • Certified hardware
  • AOVPN consulting services 

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