Utimaco Hardware Security Modules (HSM)


Utimaco Hardware Security Module (HSM) for Easy Integration with Microsoft Certificate Services (ADCS)

Utimaco delivers a comprehensive product family of HSMs. Each hardware model can be deployed as a general purpose HSM for easy integration with Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS)  


Use a Utimaco SecurityServer HSM as the Root of Trust to secure your Microsoft Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Low operational costs

  • Highest performance at an attractive price
  • Inexpensive starter models for applications with low performance requirements
  • Extensive remote administration
  • Efficient key management and firmware updates via remote access
  • Automation of remote diagnosis via SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)
  • Software simulator for evaluation and integration testing



  • Secure key storage and processing
  • Extensive key management
  • Secure key storage inside HSM or as external encrypted key files
  • 2-factor authentication with smartcards
  • “m out of n” authentication (e.g. 3 out of 5)
  • Configurable role-based access control and separation of functions
  • Multi-tenancy support
  • Remote management
  • Software simulator for evaluation and integration testing
  • Supported operating systems: Windows and Linux
  • Multiple integrations with PKI applications, database encryption, etc.
  • All features included in product price

HSM as a Service


Utimaco SecurityServer HSM – Deployment Options

Utimaco SecurityServer Se Gen2 can be implemented as a PCIe card or as a network appliance

 PCIeCard LANappliance

Utimaco SecurityServer Se Gen2 Datasheet

Utimaco SecurityServer Se Gen2 Benchmarks

Start your own proof-of-concept today by downloading the fully functional Utimaco HSM Simulator. The Simulator package comes with the 100% functional HSM runtime including all administration and configuration tools. You’ll also get a comprehensive library of integration and how-to guides Test Utimaco’s HSM with this free Simulator

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