The Hardware Security Module (HSM) from Utimaco ensures the security of cryptographic key material for servers and applications. It includes integration software that supports the industry standard PKCS#11, Microsoft CSP/CNG/SQLEKM and JCE interfaces. It can therefore be used for numerous applications, including e.g. public key infrastructures (PKIs), database encryption. The SecurityServer Se Gen2 is available as a PCIe plug-in card or as network-attached appliance



The Celestix SecureAccess appliance is a purpose built, reliable and scalable platform that comes preconfigured with Celestix’ Award Winning Comet Management interface for a simplified and rapid deployment of Microsoft DirectAccess and AOVPN


The combination of Microsoft’s Windows Server 2016 and the Celestix SecureAccess appliance provides the fastest, most reliable, and most secure way to deploy both DirectAccess and AOVPN across your organisation.  Celestix SecureAccess offers:

  • Choice of PHYSICAL or VIRTUAL appliance
  • Simple setup
  • Web-based interface
  • Support for Professional versions of Windows and MAC OSX
  • Device management
  • Hardened OS
  • Enhanced reporting and monitoring tools
  • Certified hardware 



iboss Secure Web Gateway and Cybersecurity delivers next generation tools that secure all your Web traffic.  It is an ideal replacement for ISA/TMG (and the now obsolete Forefront Web Protection suite).  iBoss Web Security offers:

  • Web content filtering.
  • SSL traffic management.
  • Application security.
  • Mobile security (BYOD).
  • Social media control.
  • Bandwidth management.
  • A real-time Threat and Event console.
  • Comprehensive analysis of suspicious files with behavioural sandboxing.
  • Network anomaly detection.

A flexible node-based platform allows you to implement iboss in the Cloud, on-premises or as a combination of the two (hybrid).   



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